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August 6, 2010

Cedric Says

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Hi, my name is Cedric, and I have a complaint!  A couple actually.  First of all, ever since Mom started this blog-thing, I think she spends waaaaayyyyy too much time in front of the computer – time that she could be spending paying attention to me!


I find computers quite boring, you see… don’t even get me started on the camera!  I especially don’t like it when she flashes that bright light in my eyes!  It makes me squint, and look mean, and I’m about as far from mean as you could get.  Even dog people like me ( or so Mom tells me, I’m really not trying to be vain.)

My other complaint is that Mom gives the dogs in this family far too much press time!  I’m the senior pet in this house afterall!  My birthday is coming up this month and I’ll be 9 years old!  Mom wrote about the dogs here, here, here, here and here! I’m glad she’s giving this elder a little respect.  I thought I deserved the chance to say hello.IMG_0595