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August 5, 2010

Garden Update

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Harvest time has begun here in my veggie garden.  I mentioned the cucumbers last week.  I’ve been picking zucchini for several weeks already.  This week I’ve gotten to eat my summer garden favorite, tomatoes.  Cayenne peppers have also been ripening fairly regularly.


…and Thai Dragons are coming along.

Have you ever seen these hot peppers growing before?  Isn’t it strange how they grow upwards?

My bell peppers are a bit further behind…

…but at least it appears I will get some this year, unlike last summer.

Remember my story earlier this year about the only surviving seedlings that I started?  I am shocked to discover that I may actually get to eat watermelon from my garden this year!

According to information I’ve read, icebox watermelons are supposed to be 6-10 pounds at maturity.  I’ve never grown edible sized melons, so I don’t know what to expect for size.  I took this picture to try to give you some idea of the size…

(I do have relatively large feet for a woman! Size 9 1/2)  Any ideas whether this is close to eating size?

Not all of my plants are in tip-top condition, but at the very least it appears I will be able to harvest some of everything I planted this year.  That’s a definite improvement over last years woeful garden, due to an extremely wet summer here in New England in 2009.   I’m happy so far – especially with those tomatoes!  Delicious!  I should have taken a picture of the one I sliced up to go with my lunch today ( or with my dinner last night) to share with you, but I ate it too quickly!