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July 27, 2010

First Bite!

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Just a quick post today for a first of the season.  I finally picked cucumbers from my garden!

I actually tried using this as an exercise from the book I’m reading, Understanding Exposure, using a small aperture to try to get my garden in focus behind the cucumbers.  I’d thought I had it when I looked at it on my LCD, but as you can see here, the garden isn’t clear.  I think this was at f22.  I still have much to learn about lenses and such; I’m wondering if the garden isn’t clear because I was using the 55-250mm lens when I should’ve been using the 18-55?  I’m only just realizing now that aperture minimums and maximums are at the mercy of your lens.  I had no idea I couldn’t stop down past 5.6 when the lens is zoomed out.  I guess those numbers on the end of the lens should’ve clued me in.  But I digress…


I made quick work of my first cuke and chopped it up to have with dinner last night.


I’ve also picked zucchini and cayenne peppers from my garden –  so far, so good.  But for me, the real prize of the summer veggie garden is still to come, and by the looks of things coming very soon:

(Side story about this blog post.  When I was writing this post in my mind, that picture of the tomato was where the post ended.  Unfortunately, as I sat down to write this evening, I realized the picture of the tomato that I took yesterday was in fact unfocused.  Dedicated blogger that I am -maybe a wee bit perfectionist? – I hiked out to my garden in the dark to get a focused picture of the tomato.)