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July 18, 2010

Dog Days

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Like everything else this summer, the dog days seem to be early too.  Usually, at least here in New England, the humid, sultry days of  summer show up around the last week of July to the first weeks of August.  For the last few weeks around here, the average temperature  has been human body temperature and the humidity level has been pea soup.


Daphne here shows the average activity level that anyone has been feeling up to performing.  I took advantage of the opportunity to practice focusing on a sedentary object at different zoom levels.


Doesn’t she look soft and fluffy?  I think I’m seeing new levels of clarity with my Rebel buddy.


“It’s getting a little too hot out here, Mom.  Let’s go back inside so I can lay on an air conditioning vent.”

Okay, Daph.  Whatever you think is best.