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July 15, 2010

New Photo Assignment Time!

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It is time for another photo assignment over at Scott’s place!  I love photo assignments.  I love the creativity involved in coming up with the shots, and I love seeing what everyone comes up with.  This time, Scott has generously given us almost two months to get our assignment done, even longer if you consider the early hints he’s given us along the way, beginning with a sneak-peek when he recapped May’s exposure assignment.  The new assignment is a travel photo essay.  He didn’t want anyone to worry when they heard the word “essay” since our common enthusiasm is photography, so he followed up with a post explaining exactly what was meant by photo essay and has included some great links for inspiration on the assignment page.

When I first saw that it was going to be a travel photo essay, I lamented that I didn’t have any exotic travel locales in my foreseeable future.  The last time I actually boarded a plane was 5 years ago when we took the girls to Disney World.

(Goofies at Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival)
Since then, my travel has been limited to the New England/ New York area.  Not that I haven’t had some fun destinations and photo opportunities!

Back when Shrew was actively blogging, Jennifer, Renae and I joined her for a beautiful time in Newport, RI:

(L to R: Shrew, Renae, Jennifer)

Mason, NH has become a regular destination for Jennifer, Renae and I as well.  We try to go a couple times a year to a lovely little place hidden away in the woods called Pickity Place where you will enjoy a wonderful luncheon made from the freshest ingredients, many grown right there in their gardens.

(The gift shop at Pickity Place decorated for autumn)

New York City has also become a fairly regular travel destination for me.  For the last few years, a bus trip to NYC for the day has been arranged for a very reasonable price through my work.  I’ve taken advantage each year it has been offered.
Central Park, NYC

(Central Park as viewed from the top of Rockefeller Center)

Of course, Cape Cod, a mere two hours away, is fairly regular destination.  My mom lives there, so my sister, girls and I make regular visits.  Hubby and I have the anniversary trip as well.

(Race Point Lighthouse, Provincetown, MA)

Mystic, CT was another fairly local destination I had the opportunity to enjoy recently.

(Sailboat docked in Mystic Harbor)

I’ll be doing my travel assignment for Scott when I go on vacation with my family in August for our annual week at the beach in Maine.  When we were children, virtually every summer our parents took us on vacation to Maine.  For many years, we went to Hills Beach in Biddeford, Maine, a little known gem of a quiet vacation place.  When condos started taking over the cute little cottages we used to rent, my parents started looking for places on Cape Cod instead.  After many years of taking my family to Cape Cod for our summer vacation, I yearned to return to the place of my youth, and started searching the internet for the possibility of finding a cute little cottage on that beach, and I was lucky enough to find a tiny place with this for the view:

Unfortunately, this sweet little place has gotten uncomfortably small for my daughters who had to sleep in a tiny loft.  Fortunately, I found a place for this year’s vacation just a few houses away that was still within our vacation budget.  I can’t wait to see what I will gather for this assignment with my new camera!  I’m looking forward to seeing what all of you will come up with as well!