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July 9, 2010

A Year in a Dog’s Life … well, actually, a bit more

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Dog retrospective – number 2 in the voted on posts.

You may remember Teddy, my very willing participant for Scott’s challenge on exposure.

Teddy is a 15-month-old tri-color collie who has been a part of our lives for just over a year now.  He is the latest addition to our family which includes our 8-year-old kitty Cedric and our almost-5-year-old golden retriever, Daphne. Daphne could end up being jealous that Teddy is the subject of this dog retrospective, but he is the easier subject!  Not only do I have but 1 year of Teddy photographs so far, all of his shots are easily digitally accessible.  I was certainly using digital photography in 2005 when Daphne came into our lives, but we have been through several hard drive failures in the years since her puppyhood; internet storage and flash drives were not so prevalent or cheap in those days!  Because I love having prints and photo albums, I have pictures of her early days, but I’d have to scan them to share them.  Perhaps some day!

We first met Teddy when he was about 6 weeks old.  A teacher that I work with owns beautiful collies, and they had a litter of 10 puppies.  We went to visit and decide if there was a puppy we’d like to have for our own.  We decided to get a male dog, since we already owned a female, and thought they would probably get along better.

A week later, we brought him home.

The poor little thing went without a name for weeks!  I felt bad, but we were having a difficult time deciding as a family what to name him.  We’ve always been particular about animal names around here.  We’ve never been fans of the typical.  Past pets have been named Ralph, Beau, Fred, Phooey, Phineus, Milo and Fergus.  We usually prefer “human” names (with the exception of Phooey) to the usual animal names.  You will never find a Bailey or a Rover or a Fluffy living here.  Finally, when I saw him looking like this…

..I decided he looked like a teddy bear.  I proposed either “Teddy” or “Bear” to the family.  They liked Teddy.  It was perfect with the button eyes, sweet round nose and perky ears that ever-so-slightly flopped forward.

Teddy quickly grew by leaps and bounds.  At 3 months old, he was gaining on Daphne, about half her size and weight:

He started learning new tricks, like climbing up into our deck furniture:

…and chewing on it!

By the time we returned home from our summer vacation in Maine, Teddy was 5 months old and much bigger to our eyes than he was before we left!

By October, when he was 7 months old, he still had that teddy bear look to his face, but his nose, or muzzle, was starting to elongate into the adult collie style.  It still had a long way to go, but it is noticeable here:

By the end of this month, he had also pretty much caught up to Daphne in size:

(Freshly washed, clean dogs!)

By early December of 2009, Teddy got to experience his first snow fall…

…and his first humiliation at the hands of me and my camera as I tried to get a shot to include on our Christmas card:

He was rewarded, however, with a gift on Christmas – (9 months old)

As winter progressed, Teddy continued to grow, and cozied up to Daphne:

On his birthday, March 19, I took a photo of our big guy, now much bigger than his “sister”…

…which you can see in this picture from my “Dog Walk”  post

Now, at 15 months, I’m not sure if Teddy is done growing.  While we were relaxing on the deck the other evening, I was looking at the size of him, and thinking maybe he’s still going.  There is a reason why his nickname around here is “Roadblock” :

..and occasionally, “Pointy Face,” but it is a sweet pointy face, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂