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July 8, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

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As I have already shared with some of you, my desire for a DSLR camera has reached some pretty high peaks in recent weeks. Hubby and I have been discussing, and believe we have found a reasonable way to work one into the budget. Since I am a would-be beginner in the world of DSLR’s I’ve been looking at the entry level models. Their price and compact size appeal to me, and I’m fairly sure their abilities and features would be just fine for someone like me. I’ve been dithering between a Nikon d3000 and a Canon EOS Rebel XS. The two are remarkably similar in size, shape, features and price. I was in the store with hubby yesterday, ready to set things in motion, as he waited for me to make my decision. All at once, I had an attack of conscience. Do I really need this camera? Is it fair for me to spend this much of my family’s money on one item, just for me? Maybe its because I’m a mother; I’m so used to taking care of everyone else. As much as I longed for this piece of equipment, I couldn’t bring myself to do it yesterday. What do you think I should do, everyone? My heart tears me in two directions: get the camera and expand my love of photography to new heights or make do with my camera that has served me decently for the last two years?

E.T.A.: My sister, the voice of reason, sent me this email when I told her of my dilemma.  Really didn’t help my decision making process! Thanks, sis! 😉

There may be even better sales come Christmas time.  I actually think maybe you should wait.  As you admitted yourself in those pictures from dress rehearsal, there are still features on your existing camera you haven’t mastered yet.  Maybe you should take some time this summer and really use the heck out of it and get out the manual and force yourself to use every feature and then if you are still not happy with your results then go back to looking at the DSLR’s.  You do have those nice accessories that you got for that camera too, seems like a waste to abandon it so soon!