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July 5, 2010

A Spahkaling 4th

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The “voted-upon” posts will be coming shortly, but in order to be timely, I wanted to share a few fun photos today.

On Saturday night, I decided I finally had saved up enough raspberries to make something delicious with them.  My sister recently blogged about using the Pioneer Woman’s blackberry cobbler recipe.  I substituted my homegrown raspberries in this recipe, plus added some store-bought blueberries to fill it out and ended up with something quite patriotic and Independence Day-appropriate looking.  It was so pretty I snapped its picture before I put it in the oven:

As Jennifer mentioned, it was very easy to do.  I was so anxious to try it, I forgot to take the “cooked” picture before I had a sample.

P’Dub suggests having it with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.  I didn’t have either in the house but it was quite yummy on its own straight out of the oven.

On the 4th, poor hubby had to work, of course (seems he always does when the holidays roll around).  I invited Jennifer and Ozzie over for a cookout.  We had simple but tasty fare: Jordan’s red hot dogs, corn-on-the-cob, watermelon, cherries, chips, and broccoli-raisin salad.  Due to his fear of fireworks and the need for him to be cozily inside his home on this noisy night, Jennifer and Ozzie departed at dusk before any neighbors started lighting anything up.  And they did; while we did not attend any official fireworks shows, the neighborhood was alight with the site and sounds of pyrotechnics, likely purchased in near-by Connecticut where it is legal to do so.

Instead of attending the fireworks display in downtown Springfield, MA and dealing with the awful traffic,  the girls and I set up a little campfire in the backyard.

We toasted marshmallows

and made s’mores.  Here’s Sarah with the supplies to the right:

We lit up a few sparklers


I have a funny little side-story to go with these sparklers.  I’m reminded of it each time I see them.  A few years ago, while attending a summertime party at a dear friend’s house, the friend’s brother-in-law asked me a question.  He said, “Is it alright if your kids have spahklas?” 

“What?” I asked.

“Spahklas.  You know spahklas,” he explained.

I still wasn’t understanding.  This gentleman has a very thick Boston accent.  Many folks from other parts think it is a “Massachusetts” accent, but in fact it is not.  The Worcester area, Boston and Maine all have that unusual way of speaking, but not here in western Mass.  Finally it dawned on me.

“Oh! Sparklers!  Yes, sure, the kids can have them.  I wasn’t sure what you were asking because in western Mass. we pronounce our R’s!”  I replied with a smile.  We all had a good laugh about that one.

Hope your 4th was happy!

(Other posts coming soon!)