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June 23, 2010

More Flowery-Type Things OR Fun with Macro 2

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Recital went pretty well for the girls and me this past Saturday night.  It was not without some bumps along the way, but the issues always seem more major to us (the dancers) than to the audience, luckily.  Traditionally, flowers are presented to dancers at the end of a performance, and my husband chose a lovely bouquet for me:

With the exception of the roses, alstroemeria and baby’s breath, I unfortunately don’t know the names of the other blooms featured here.  This bouquet was more than a “congratulations for a nice performance” for me – it was of course a photo opportunity!  I took my bouquet outside in the afternoon to use some bright natural light and set out to fill my frame with blooms since I’d had some luck in the past taking some pictures that made me happy this way.


I liked the focus on the forward petals and the softer focus further back in the shot here.  (Tracy, can you help at all on the flower name here?)


Again, I don’t know the name of this one, but I love how the bright blue of this one came through – this is untouched by photoshop.

Inspired by Michaela’s recent macro pictures from the farmer’s market, I decided to grab my macro lens and my gorillapod and try some very-close-ups.  When I got back outside and considered the height of the gorillapod and the height of the flowers in the vase, I decided I didn’t really have a good place to position the pod.  Undeterred, I made some hand-held attempts.

The focus is very selective here, but I liked the overall affect of this shot.  This is looking in at the center of the white alstroemeria.


This is the petal of the unknown blue flower.  I think the sparkly look of this one is pretty cool.


And here’s a look at the center of that same flower.

One of my first successful attempts ever with my macro lens was a picture of a single bud of baby’s breath.  That shot was taken indoors, with a flash, my homemade flash diffuser, and the camera resting on my table.  I revisited baby’s breath in this shot:

The focus is not tack-sharp, but I didn’t think it was too bad for hand-holding.  What I really liked about this picture was the baby’s breath bud and the way the unknown-blue-flower made a nice backdrop!  If anyone can name any of my unknown flowers from this bouquet (there are others I did not feature in this post, but you can see them all in my first shot) it’d be great if you could help me out in the comments!