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April 28, 2010

A Quilt Story

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I hope I don’t alienate any male readers (Scott) (Friends from FB) that I may have acquired with this write-up, but I felt like sharing another interest of mine today besides photography.  While I haven’t had this hobby for nearly as long as I’ve loved taking photos, I find it quite satisfying; it’s quilting.  I really started my love affair with quilts back when I worked for Old Sturbridge Village  ( that could be another post entirely!  I have some stories I could tell!), because many of the houses displayed old-fashioned style quilts, and many of the women I worked with there were skilled quilters.  A dear friend of mine, Renae, who occasionally comments here on the blog and is a wonderful quilter in her own right, gave me the little push I needed to get going.  She supplied me with my first set of coordinated fabrics.  I don’t think she ever intended for me to use them all in one quilt, but that’s what I did!  I found a simple pattern for a small quilt, and this is what I created:

(Note to photographer friends: these photos are scanned from 4×6 prints, so the quality of the shots is only so-so)

Shortly after I began quilting, a baby shower was being thrown for the wife of a friend.  I took the opportunity to give my new-found hobby another try.  Again, keeping it simple, this was my next creation:

I realized as I was going through my quilt pictures that I’ve been doing this for 5 years now.  The baby that I made that quilt for turned 5 this month.

Quilting fever hit!  I wanted to make more and looked for excuses to create.  I made two end-of-the-school-year quilts for my daughters’ teachers:

(Both quilts looked alike, so I only pictured one daughter and teacher)

I had a difficult time giving up this next quilt to the person for whom I made it!  One of the women I worked with at OSV was adopting a 5-year-old boy.  I created this out of a combination of 4 quilt square patterns I found in a book of 501 squares.  I felt quite proud of the work I did here, and hoped it would find a place of honor in the room of the adopted child:

Quilts go with babies!  That often turned out to be my reason for creating quilts.  The next three quilts were made for friends having a baby:

That Red Sox bear quilt was one of the most difficult and time consuming one I ever undertook.  That baby turns 4 this summer, and I think I still haven’t made a quilt I found more difficult.

Memory quilts are another style I’ve found the occasion to make.  I made this one for my mother-in-law’s 75th birthday:

It has pictures of her children and grandchildren on it.  I found special fabric at Jo-Ann’s Fabric that you can feed through your printer in order to create those squares.  I used the same fabric to help create this quilt, which I made for my daughters’ (and my) dance studio’s 10th anniversary:

I’ve also made quilts as gifts for my family.  This was a table-runner for my sister, Jennifer:

And this was my best attempt at a Victorian “tea time” quilt for my mother:

After a few years, and a bit of confidence gained, I made a quilt for Renae’s daughter:

My most recent foray into quilting was for my older daughter’s 15th birthday, just 2 months ago.  It was the biggest quilt I’ve made to date, and I tried to choose fabric to match her personality.  Because of the size of this quilt, I took it to a professional to have the 3 layers of the quilt sewn together after I created the top and backing.  I brought my daughter with me to the quilter to choose the pattern for the sewing that was done on one of those amazing, computer driven quilt machines.  She found a pattern of shoes and purses and this was the result:

(Its hard to do much in my house without the animals getting involved!)

I’ve got more ideas for quilts forever floating around in my head, and people for which I’d like to make them.  Would you like to be on my list?  😉