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April 16, 2010

End of the Bunny Watch :-(

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I’ve given it a few days to make sure, but it seems the bunny watch is over.

While I was away for the weekend visiting mom, hubby grabbed this picture of the bunnies with his iPhone.  I did what I could to try to color-corrrect it in PSE, but its just aw-ight.  Was it our friend Scott Thomas who said the best camera is the camera you have with you?

On Monday, I went out to check on our tenants myself, and took the picture I shared with you earlier in the week of the gang with their eyes all open:

On Tuesday, I was surprised to see this when I went to see how they were doing:

No bunnies!  Oh no!  I hoped something hadn’t happened to them. I was guessing back when I first found the bunnies that they were only a day or two old after I found more information about them on the House Rabbit Society.  Tuesday was day 12 of the bunny watch, so I was thinking they were only about 2 weeks old at this point.  The HRS said they usually didn’t start leaving the nest until about 3 weeks old, and normally stayed with their family group until 4 to 5 weeks old, returning to the nest to sleep at night.   I looked around but didn’t see hide nor “hare” of them.   My older daughter took a look with a flashlight under our deck and spied this:

One little bunny, all alone!  And that was the last I’ve seen of our little brood of bunnies.  If this little family group is still returning to their nest among my raspberry bushes, I’ve seen no evidence of it.  Good-bye little ones!  It was fun knowing you for the short time you were here.  I hope you are doing well and you are more than welcome to return and eat the dandelions in my lawn this summer!