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April 12, 2010

Mini-Bunny Update

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Their eyes are open!!

I was away for the weekend visiting my mom, so I missed taking pictures this weekend.  Hubby managed to grab a shot with his iPhone at some point over the weekend, so I’ll probably still have close to a week’s worth of pictures to share by the weekend.  My sister and I, along with my daughters, spent a sunny, cool weekend on Cape Cod.  I, unfortunately, left my camera in my mom’s house instead of taking it along with me, but my sister remembered hers on Sunday.  I’m hoping she’ll have a new post up over at her place soon!

ETA: After a comment from Jennifer, I realized it must look as though the picture posted here is the one from hubby’s iPhone.  It’s not – I took that shot myself when I came home.  Sorry for any confusion!