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April 8, 2010

Baby Bunny Watch, Week 1

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Last Friday, I had the day off from work and the weather was absolutely beautful.  We’ve been enjoying some record highs for temperatures here in Western Mass. for almost a week now.  I decided to do some yard work.  I began clearing away the thatch and leaves from around my deck in order to plant some seeds that can handle the still chilly nights of spring in New England.  While I was raking, something gray squirmed near my feet.  I was surprised and thought perhaps a mouse, or maybe a mole had been disturbed by my raking.  What I actually disturbed was a nest of three baby bunnies.

   I felt so bad for disturbing their spot, I immediately stopped raking in that area and covered the bunnies back up.  My squeek of surprise got my husband’s attention, who immediately came to find out what I had discovered.  We started to worry about the dogs, our young collie in particular.  Luckily hubby had purchased an inexpensive fence for our small strawberry patch that he hadn’t put up yet and used it to fashion a blockade around the nest.  I decided to embark upon “Bunny Watch 2010” for as long as the little critters hang around for me to take their photo.  The photo above was actually taken on Saturday, which was Day 2 – I didn’t think to grab a  picture the day that I discovered them.

    I read a bit about wild rabbits online after discovering these three adorable siblings.  I found out the mother rabbit only spends about 5 minutes, twice a day nursing her babies and then leaves them alone the rest of the time in an attempt to not draw predators attention to her young.  The site also said that as long as the bunnies are quiet during the day, it is likely they are being taken care of and not hungry or orphaned.  They are born with little fur and closed eyes.  Coats develop in about a week and eyes open in 6-10 days.  I’m guessing our little crew here was only a day or two old at the time I found them.

Day 3 of Bunny Watch:

More fur, seeminly overnight!  Can you see that sweet face with the pink nose to the left of that shot?

Day 4:

Longer fur and cute fuzzy ears!

Day 5:

Cuddly siblings gaining weight and getting bigger.

Day 6:

On this day, we were surprised to find only two babies in the nest.  I was worried.  Had a predator taken one? But if that was the case wouldn’t they all be gone?  Was the mother moving them to a new location because she realized they had been discovered? my husband wondered.  Didn’t seem likely to me she’d be moving them in broad daylight, if that was the case.  Had the still blind baby taken a little adventure on his or her own?  I hoped not.  I searched the area around the nest and found the missing baby tucked away by himself near my garden hose, about 4 or 5 feet away from the nest.  With garden gloves in place, the little escapee was safely returned to its siblings.  I pieced together what must have happened.  My overly curious collie, Teddy,

had been working his way under the hastily installed fencing to go and investigate the bunnies.  He didn’t hurt them, mostly just stood and stared at them the couple of times I caught him over there, but I can imagine it wouldn’t be difficult to spook a tiny, blind, days-old bunny!  Hubby added pieces of my daughters’ old plastic playhouse walls around the little plastic fence in an attempt to quell Teddy’s curiosity.

Today was day 7 of  Bunny Watch.  Three bigger, chubbier, cute bundles of fuzz remain content in their collie-protected home: